Lay the foundation to FUNDING with these 3 Building Blocks!

How to get to started down the path of FILM FUNDING!
Speaking from Experience 
If we have not officially met, I am Timothy Talbott and I produce films.
I have spent years and money to put together a path for filmmakers achieve their dreams.
I help them understand how the money works in film funding, so they can achieve their dreams.
Lay the foundation to funding with these 3 Building Blocks!
By downloading the guide, I'll teach you:
Block #1
Slowing down might sound couterintuative however slowing down is how to get to where you want to be faster.
Block #2
Let go of your EGO! EGO is the biggest killer for momentum. 
Block #3
Making sense is pivotal to the path to funding. When you heard some of the stories I heard, you will understand why you need to really think about what your are doing. 
Here's why you need this guide?

When your starting out, no one will tell you what you need to correct,  you send a pitch and they never respond,  leaving you clueless to being able to learn or grow. This will lead to bitterness, anger, and confusion about the industry. Problem with that is  that filmmakers then overcorrect to gain attention, this will lead you nowhere. If you down know what to change you will be frustrated for years.  The best thing you can do is know how to start with the building blocks. It took me 7 years to get to raise $50,000 but once I learned and changed, it took me less than 6 months to raise $650,000. 
Timothy "Double T" Talbott
Hey, I'm Timothy

I'm glad you're here!

I help filmmakers get to 5 to 7 figures for their films using a proven path that involves research, value building,  planning and understanding how the money works.

I've produce 5 feature films, have distribution all around the world, and raised $650,000 during a pandemic. 

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